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Why You Shoudn’t Be Using Genesis Framework For WordPress

Hello there! this is supreeth back with a post that might make you think for a moment! are you going the right way?

If you are a big fan of WordPress and been using for a long time, you might probably know about Genesis framework by studiopress,or you might noticed a lot of people using genesis on their sites,though I have been using genesis since a long time but when I recently checked out the inner face about genesis and its effect on blogs,

Hmmm.. I am here to tell all pros and cons about genesis, and why I don’t suggest you to use it on your blogs.
Genesis? beautiful right?

Developers of studiopress have coded it so beautifully that you will definitely fall in love with their code as i did and many other devs do too, Genesis framework if you don’t know is a theme to use with WordPress, which makes it easy to customise your site without knowing much php, as genesis is beautifully framed with css and html, anybody with a keyboard can modify it 😛 , Genesis not only beautifies your site but it also

Provides Built-in security : Genesis provides a secure theme environment which keeps your blog away from mongers, which is taken care by developer team at studiopress, which is also verified by Mark Jaquith, who works at WordPress,Automattic.
Genesis lets youmodify/update stuff without loosing actual site, Genesis uses child themes of theirs which can be easily customised and if you end up screwing with the code then you still have the theme safe with you! how convenient is that?
Easy to build: Genesis framework enables users to build their sites easily without knowing any knowledge about coding, it enables a drag-n-drop feature where you can setup carousels,sliders, or any custom coded widgets you might like to be on the site.
Impressively fast: one of the things that i personally prefer while choosing a theme,is speed, genesis makes your website load really fast, because internally it supports HTML5 which decreases page size and you get speedy website every time you open it
Optimized?: Genesis is so lovely that it has built-in SEO coding, and other things which might help you rank better.
Plugins and child themes! : Child themes developed by studiopress are so elegant and fantastic, and also there are many dedicated plugins for it.

So yeah might already know all of these, I just typed it for those just-in-case moments (I was a noob too 😉 ). Now that you know genesis well, we should actually dive into the Question why you shouldn’t probably use genesis with WordPress,

Firstly I have to say its been a month I left using genesis(not on this site though 🙂 ), and I experienced so many fluctuations that I tested genesis and checked out its code and digged more into it, so just thought of sharing it with you guys,

these were the differences I spotted on genesis framework, which made me shift to bootstrapped themes,
Availability of themes

one of the things I love to keep changing is themes, but in genesis I could only find a few good ones which didn’t fit my requirement, which made me indulge in developing a new theme.

themes on studiopress are good and well optimised, but for small pockets it’s a little too tough to buy a theme from there, at first i thought this wasn’t one of the cons, but bummer I ended up saying my sad story 😛
The main problem:faulty framework

one of the things that I am actually worried of is this issue of homepage, I don’t know why or what was the reason behind this,
WordPress basically uses different files for your static home page and blog post home page, you know like it differs between your portfolio and your blog (if you have one)
WordPress uses homepage.php for blog posts listing(whether its your main page: or a sub page front-page.php is used for homepage of your site: static or blog posts.

But when you install genesis,it dumbly uses home.php for static pages. I guess they wanted save you from doing it manually by going to settings> readings and making it done.

Their idea was to create a template that lists blog posts, but these are enlisted on a custom page and not the main page, this affects adversely on your SERP rankings as well as your plugins.
So you still want to use genesis?

just tweak your home.php and rename it to front-page.php and thats done!, if you don’t want it then just switch back to bootstrap like I did.

Wrapping it up

so finally all i want to say is its your choice, whether to use genesis with wordpress or not. So guys if you felt this post was some what informative or interesting just click on share and comment about your thoughts on genesis framework!


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