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Why Did I Choose WordPress and Why You Should Too.


As you already know WordPress, a very well-known CMS, especially among bloggers network, running over 50 million websites online. though still you must be wondering why am i bragging about it, you will know the wonders WordPress can do now!

first of all let me make things clear, WordPress is not only a blogging platform but also an elegant way to design websites,manage it. and by the way I am talking about self-hosted WordPress websites.

Anyways the thing that amused me into it was its flexibility, like you can basically create a blog, a landing page, a social network, a forum, a webpage for your business, a portfolio, and etc.

One thing that pops out in mind when you want to set up a WordPress website is how much? I mean literally half of bloggers cannot afford hosting, (including me! Yeah I was broke 😛 ) well this isn’t a guide to get a free WordPress website, but I can help you with it when we start providing the real services which I talked about in intro post 😉 🙂

Most of the people I know are well versed in WordPress themes and plugins, but most of the users who use WordPress who don’t know basics of  it use it very well thats where we connect, WordPress is a open-source project, known for its flexibility to provide Developers and Designers the freedom to develop, which makes it beautiful to just choose a theme you like from any site, upload it and run. Also hire a developer to design a theme for you!

Coming to Management..

WordPress comes with well organised dashboard which even a 10-year-old kid can operate and use. that’s not the reason why I like WordPress,  it comes with a hassle-free updater,  which enables you to automatically update WordPress, Themes, plugins directly in your dashboard which indeed saves up your time and bandwidth, also there’s an option where you can automate your backup schedule which makes it easier and safe.

SEO? with WordPress?

Many people bluff that WordPress is Search Engine optimized, it is one of the biggest myth, yeah of-course WordPress does make your websites crawl friendly(ie. it makes google to easily get data from your website), plus it also has an automated ping service,which automatically submits your blogs to search engines, well yeah WordPress makes things easier kinda ( ;)) with these and some plugins but it doesn’t quite help if you don’t really focus on it. But still its pretty good compared to other CMS services

Is it safe?

yeah safer than ever, WordPress is briskly built with security, ensuring a built-in ip blocker which blocks ip if you try to access the site without credentials, also with Akismet plugin your WordPress site becomes spammer free or pro blawger free 😛 😉 (#ifykwim just refer to my first post)


One of the most wonderful feature of WordPress it enables you to upload multimedia, it supports, images,video,audio content,also you can use it for storing documents and files to be served for later,

Final words..

Indeed no doubt, that WordPress is agreat content management system for every business and website, including blogs landing page, blogs, business sites , review sites, etc.. I am a WordPress fan personally! Are you? Do enter your questions in commmedia!down below, and just share it all over your social media

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