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How To Revive Your Blog: Make more out of your old posts

Today we are back with a bang, this might be a common scenario for all of you guys out there, you start a blog, you keep blogging, and then without noticing you have almost forgotten your lovely blog, let me admit it, I really regret doing this on my earlier blog, but then I thought, can we actually do something to fix it? let us learn how to revive your blog! I know it’s really tough to keep blogging, as we all have a personal life and its problems, but the question is how can we get out reach without blogging? yeah if you got it right, its AUTOMATION! 🙂

How can you actually save your blog from massive competition?, their highly active blog and your old outdated posts.

here’s my small guide on how you can revive your abandoned blog get back in action.


Why should you bother about reviving you dead blog


Cheer your audience up, get more out reach

readers are like your customers, you keep releasing new and shiny products, they crave to come to you, they are only with you if you keep delivering useful,high quality, unique content.

Build your brand.

one of the most essential part of branding is unique content, to reach out to the people, you need to focus on making them trust you,know that every big brand has a blog, where the people can lookout solutions, dead blog with old posts, makes a really bad impression for your Site.

Because it matters

apart from the fact that its your blog, there are many who really needs your advice, your audience, who are eagerly waiting for your blog posts, your advice, your help.


A few years back it was really very easy to rank your site, and very easy to traffic, but i must tell you the growth of internet has made it really tough to market online, with your competitors ready to race, you must be really fast, and efficient than them

How To Revive Your Blog: 5 Steps

Step 1:Update Your Content

Honestly, who likes out-dated content? one of the most important tasks you must consider while you revive your blog is updating content, now updating in the sense doesn’t mean that you should retype the whole post,updating in the sense making the old out-dated facts, new one, removing old facts, old tricks that doesn’t work(this also reduces the chances of people bouncing off your site ;)), one of the things that I must share with you guys is that, whenever I updated my post, the ranking of my post in google rouse two times up, so that’s where I got into!

Step 2:Share Your Old Posts On Social Media

You might be a really annoyed of sharing your post every time, but there are some plugins that actually help us automate this task, like: revive your post: which shares you posts on Facebook, twitter,and other networks, which makes it easy and time-saving, or Jetpack, which saves my time on it too, the main aspect is you utilize and make more out of your old posts,you can revive you blog only if your old posts are worthy, so get the gold out of your metal!

Step 3: Plan Ahead, Schedule Your Posts

maintain a weekly schedule, keep a blog-post timetable, post weekly or monthly, so that readers get enough time to consume your content, once per week, but make sure you POST! don’t miss a schedule, keep a consistent flow of content, so that readers don’t get bored with your content, if you maintain a schedule, your readers get more loyal and wait for your content to be posted on your blog, initially they get addicted to you.

Step 5: Hire More Writers

yeah again, I know it might be difficult for you to cope up with your business, and your daily life,despite of blogging, so by hiring worthy enough writers you can actually keep your blog active all the time, but when i mean worthy enough writers, they should be capable of writing good-quality posts to please your readers, to revive your blog, they need to be well experienced, and skilled, so if you want to really choose a perfect content writer, you must see to it that he has the same vision of making your readers happy and not a traffic monger!

Whats Next?

Ok You are ready to revive your blog now, and revamp your business and get back to work, this was a big step to growth hack your business, so just follow these steps and take your blog to next level, so that’s all folks, stay tuned to copywhatido, for more growth hack series, share this post if you liked it! and do comment if you wanna ask something, or just chill!

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