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How To Add Music To iPod Without Deleting Current Music

one of the reasons why I love Android more than IOS devices is that iTunes is unmade, the settings in iTUnes are so sophisticated that, finally I gave up on using an iPod as my music pal. Everytime frustration occurs when we want to transfer songs but iTunes makes it tough and deletes the remaining songs every freaking time while using iPod sync. Well you are in the right place, because I found a way to fix it in a jiffy, with this small tutorial you can sync/copy new songs without deleting old ones in your iPod

Things you will be needing:

Your iPod
iTunes software

Adding Songs to iPod without Losing Songs

Connect your iPod to your PC, via their cable, wait for the iTunes application to open, if it doesn’t open it manually

After everything has been set head on to iTunes> preferences,( PS: in case of MacOS you will get it under iTunes menu, if you are using Windows PC, you will find it under Edit menu). Then select the ‘devices’ tab or icon, you will find a checkbox, next to which you will find ” Prevent iPods and iPhones from syncing automatically”, check on that box and then also head on to your device and click on music tab and uncheck music sync option

Now start selecting songs on iTunes, by selecting in iTunes library, (psst..quicktip: you can select ranges of songs by shift+clicking on by holding ctrl key 😉 while you click on each song

and finally drag all songs to your iPod and poof! you have copied new songs safely without deleting the old ones!

final words..

I am finally glad to have my iPod, with all of its songs safe, with hassle free copying where i don’t have to recopy the deleted songs, i guess they must really update their sophisticated application where user can actually use it without any user guides!
well that’s all for today folks stay tuned 😉

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