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Book Review: Love Forever @ Rajpath By Kalpana Mishra

love forever at rajpathhey everyone, hope you liked the last review of Heart of bullets, in case if you have missed it out just go check here

so we are back with another review of the book “Love forever @ Rajpath by Kalpana Mishra, I must admit i was pretty delighted to see her signature with words “When love finds you, hold on .” frankly who doesn’t love author signed copies? it shows the devotion of authors towards their readers, well i can’t expect to get signed copies from every author but if you buy this book,amazon makes sure you get one with her sign :), well I must admit shrishti publishers have done a great work too, to start off


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Book Review: Heart of Bullets by Nikhil Kushwaha

hey guys, we are back with a book review of heart of bullets by Nikhil Kushwaha, well I was pleased by the title itself first of all to be frank, heart of bullets, it made me rethink the whole day, I was confirmed seeing the cover of the book, that it is about army, well later I realized how beautiful the book is,heart of bullets is a well written work by Nikhil Kushwaha, lets dig it deep


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Freedom Tree: Uplift Your Interiors With Quirky Furniture


hey guys! whats going on?  we are back with another post about a new site which can make your interiors fabulous and amazing with, just a  few clicks, The site offers all that you’d requirement for outfitting your home with brilliant creator furniture, bedding, tableware to excellent floor carpets at moderate costs. Besides, Freedom Tree is the ideal case of ‘Make in India’ in light of the fact that all that they offer is composed and made in India!


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How to convert wordpress themes into blogger templates

hey folks! here we are back with another awesome tutorial of How to convert WordPress themes into blogger templates, yes it seems weird ass but we are here to help you out! this is a tutorial, for those who want to convert WordPress themes into blogger templates, because there are tones of WordPress themes which are indeed exciting and amazing but on the other side of the wall there are many bloggers running their blogs on blogger platform with plenty of good themes/templates but not that great as WordPress does! So lets jump in to find out how it’s actually done!


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Top 10 Best Tech To Gift Under 100$/Rs.6000 in 2016

Hey guys, so its already February in 2016 and we are really excited about the tech that’s been wondering around since the year has started, and already birthdays and other party’s are being thrown! so If you want to gift someone who is really enthusiastic about tech and also cringing you for tech gifts, then this guide is the right one for you!

also i personally prefer these gizmos, especially because i am not that rich 😉 😛 and also these are the best bang for buck gadgets available online!

Top 10 Best Tech To Gift Under 100$ or Rs.6000

1. For The Music freaks(quality) :

AudioTechnica ATH-AX1iS SonicFuel Over-Ear Headphones (Gray):AudioTechnica ATH-AX1iS SonicFuel Over-Ear Headphones (Gray)

Buy Now for Rs.1,490.00 / 22$

for music lovers its the best in class audio, awesome quality, Audiotechnica delivers pure sound quality, and this is the best you can expect for 22$ over ear headphones, although bass isn’t that great, you can find great quality of sound as well as comfortable over ear experience, also the foam and the head gear is pretty neat, i totally love the colors, its really great



2.For Super fast internet:


Huawei 31a4u-FnyzLPower-Fi E8231 Hot Spot Enabled Data Card (White)
Buy Now for Rs.1,609.00
well its the right thing to gift a person who needs internet 24×7  as well as who needs super-fast wifi all the time, this mini stick from huawei gives up to 300mbps speed, and comes prepackaged with hotspot enabled out of the box! this my friends is real steal deal, this data card is really worth your   bucks





3.For great ambiance and amazing experience:

Philips Hue 426361 9-Watt Single Personal Wireless Lighting Bulb         
Buy Now Rs.3,396.00
you might have seen this before, or if this is your first time, this is Philips hue and welcome to the future ;), this is a Wireless bulb (9w) which can be controlled using your mobile phone, shades,colors and brightness all the controls come under your phone option

4. For book lovers:


Amazon kindle 6″

Buy Now for Rs.4999

kindle is kinda my favorite gift to give it to someone, the best thing you can get for 5000 bucks, like its so light and thin makes travelling fun without having to carry huge books, (but still can’t replace the fragrance of books ;)) but for me its the best thing you can get for 5000 bucks!





5.For when you want to party!:

Philips DSP 2800 Speaker System
Buy Now for Rs.2500

yup i guess one of the gift i would prefer for my best buddy, sound system comes with 5 speakers and one woofer and makes sound experience is really great, its subtle and really great you can get out of Rs.2500



6.For nerds and who work hard!

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3545 e-All-in-One Printer

Buy now for Rs.5269
well its really productive, i mean having a printer at home is really convenient some times, i guess for everyone!



7. For Bass freaks:yup its skull!

Skullcandy S6HSDZ-072 Hesh 2.0 Over-Ear Headphone (White)
Buy Now for Rs.2509
again good quality, over ear, great bass, comfortable, really durable too, i might consider this if i am really a bass freak




8. For those who do:

WD Elements 1TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive (Black)
Buy Now for Rs.4109

well this is really essential for frankly everyone!






9. everyone’s life saver!: powerbank

Asus ABTU005 10050mAH Zen Power Bank (Silver)
Buy now for Rs.1395

pretty good backup power, sleek design, really a live saver for me 🙂





10.exceptions: only for a GEEK

Raspberry Pi 2 – MODB – 1GB – Quad core
Buy Now for Rs.2875

exceptionally a great buy who are really interested in exploring out of the box ideas on raspberry pi,

really worth those bucks, because we can learn something new everyday from it, i kinda personally prefer it over other tech buffs!




Ah.. well

It’s really good to know that these ten gadgets come under 100$ i was really pleased in the end of this post, so guys this is my list of top 10 best tech you can get under Rs.6000, so if you liked my list like it below and share it all over your network, and do comment your suggestions for it 😉

stay tuned for more such stuff


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How To Add Music To iPod Without Deleting Current Music

ipod_touch_5th_featureOne of the reasons why I love Android more than IOS devices is that iTunes is unmade, the settings in iTUnes are so sophisticated that, finally I gave up on using an iPod as my music pal. Everytime frustration occurs when we want to transfer songs but iTunes makes it tough and deletes the remaining songs every freaking time while using iPod sync. Well you are in the right place, because I found a way to fix it in a jiffy, with this small tutorial you can sync/copy new songs without deleting old ones in your iPod

Things you will be needing:

Your iPod
iTunes software

Adding Songs to iPod without Losing Songs

Connect your iPod to your PC, via their cable, wait for the iTunes application to open, if it doesn’t open it manually

After everything has been set head on to iTunes> preferences,( PS: in case of MacOS you will get it under iTunes menu, if you are using Windows PC, you will find it under Edit menu). Then select the ‘devices’ tab or icon, you will find a checkbox, next to which you will find ” Prevent iPods and iPhones from syncing automatically”, check on that box and then also head on to your device and click on music tab and uncheck music sync option

Now start selecting songs on iTunes, by selecting in iTunes library, (psst..quicktip: you can select ranges of songs by shift+clicking on by holding ctrl key 😉 while you click on each song

and finally drag all songs to your iPod and poof! you have copied new songs safely without deleting the old ones!

final words..

I am finally glad to have my iPod, with all of its songs safe, with hassle free copying where i don’t have to recopy the deleted songs, i guess they must really update their sophisticated application where user can actually use it without any user guides!
well that’s all for today folks stay tuned 😉


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How to Lead a Life Like Minions: Life lessons learnt

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]well its christmas already, and we are tinking to revamp our lives as the 2016 starts, count me in too, i have been hunting for inspiration, looking out for productiveness in every second of my life, but i always wanted to change, change for a betterment, needed a role model,was it Licoln? Obama? nope, it was somebody who actually made sense! Minions! yes i am not a crazy movie guy, whol loves minions just because they are adorable, theres a stron reason behind the character of it, from which we an learn BIG life lessons,

you must be thinking what blogging and marketing has to do with minions, this post is for inspiration that i took and for those guys who want to change with a cute role model.


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How To Revive Your Blog: Make more out of your old posts

hey guys,

Today we are back with a bang, this might be a common scenario for all of you guys out there, you start a blog, you keep blogging, and then without noticing you have almost forgotten your lovely blog, let me admit it, I really regret doing this on my earlier blog, but then I thought, can we actually do something to fix it? let us learn how to revive your blog! I know it’s really tough to keep blogging, as we all have a personal life and its problems, but the question is how can we get out reach without blogging? yeah if you got it right, its AUTOMATION! 🙂


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Why Did I Choose WordPress and Why You Should Too.

howdy, folks

As you already know WordPress, a very well-known CMS, especially among bloggers network, running over 50 million websites online. though still you must be wondering why am i bragging about it, you will know the wonders WordPress can do now!

first of all let me make things clear, WordPress is not only a blogging platform but also an elegant way to design websites,manage it. and by the way I am talking about self-hosted WordPress websites.


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Why You Shoudn’t Be Using Genesis Framework For WordPress

Hello there! this is supreeth back with a post that might make you think for a moment! are you going the right way?

If you are a big fan of WordPress and been using for a long time, you might probably know about Genesis framework by studiopress,or you might noticed a lot of people using genesis on their sites,though I have been using genesis since a long time but when I recently checked out the inner face about genesis and its effect on blogs,